by hola beach

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Sarah Kirkpatrick
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Sarah Kirkpatrick just absolutely great beach wave music. Favorite track: don't take it personal.


released February 16, 2013


tags: rock Austin


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hola beach Austin, Texas


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Track Name: someone you want me to be
i see you dancing in the crowd with a friend that you had found you're making out with that one guy for your love i think i'll try to be someone you want me to be
Track Name: don't take it personal
don't take it personal that's all you should know it sucks a lot right now but it doesn't mean much at all. i'm standing at the wall to my left and right my friends are making out and i don't have the guts to do the same cause my brain is lame
Track Name: never happen
you gotta be the cool guy or you'll die just come back inside. stay alive it will never happen if you never try
Track Name: freaking out my friends
please don't leave me alone i think i'm going to hurt myself again. i know i'm not fun to be around when i get this wasted. i don't want to freak out at all the parties cause it's not fair to all my friends. but when i see something like that happen next to me i don't know how i can try